Imagine fleeing the UK and seeking safety in another country. After many months you are allowed to work, but as a electrician or business owner, you are far from your network of friends, family and work.

Where would you start?

Employers can play an instrumental role in enabling refugees to rebuild their work lives.

The unemployment rate for refugees is at least 18%, three times higher than the UK-born population. However with the right support, refugees and employers have much to offer each other.

Returner Project for employers and refugee professionals 

If you have skills shortages, we have candidates who could help you meet these. Find out more about our Returner Project for skilled refugee professionals returning to their career:

Returner project for employers

Mentoring Project

Can you offer information, guidance or work experience?

Professional mentoring, shadowing or work experience can be invaluable in helping people to navigate career routes in the UK. These could be one off opportunities or ongoing. We will work with you to set these up and provide ongoing support.

Refugee awareness sessions

We can support employers to improve staff knowledge of refugee experiences, challenges people face and how refugees can contribute to the workplace

Please get in touch to discuss any of the above.

Useful links

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