The Work Club offers employment-related information, guidance and support for refugees, vulnerable migrants and people seeking asylum.

This service is delivered in partnership with:

Rainbow Haven

Together we offer:

  • Information and guidance appointments, including volunteering, finding and applying for jobs, career routes, education, recognition of overseas qualifications, volunteering, learning English and action planning.
  • Digital skills appointments in English and Arabic.
  • Learning English short course.

To reduce the spread of Coronavirus we are currently providing information and guidance by phone, email and video call. Please contact if you would like an appointment or to find out more.

Case study

When we met Eric he said life was no better than in the refugee camp. Aged 21, he wanted to learn, work and have friends. We worked with the Prince’s Trust so he could take up a 13-week development programme and during this he gained UK work experience.

Eric returned to Rainbow Haven with increased confidence and English skills. He asked for help to improve his digital skills and wanted to volunteer so he could meet people, continue to improve his English and gain work experience.

An Arabic-speaking volunteer supported Eric over several appointments to improve his digital skills. He can now use email, Microsoft Word, the internet and is able to update his Universal Credit account.

The Rainbow Haven volunteer supporting Eric described him as ‘smart’ and a ‘quick learner’.

When Eric applied to volunteer at a youth charity, we advised them of the process for DBS checks for people who have lived overseas. We supported Eric through the induction and he’s now started volunteering.

Personal details have been changed