Our diversity helps us to deliver better services by increasing our knowledge, skills and networks.

We are a team of paid and unpaid workers. Our team includes people with experience in different sectors and with experience of the UK asylum system.

  • 3 staff members.
  • 15 -20 Mentoring Project volunteers.
  • 5 volunteer directors.
  • 4 Rainbow Haven Work Club volunteers.

Our Staff and Volunteer Directors

Name: Amanda Littlewood

Date Appointed as Volunteer Director: 13 September 2016

Other Occupation: Project Manager (R&M)

Amanda has worked in the not-for-profit sector for over 20 years and set up Refugees & Mentors in 2016. She has a wealth of experience, including management, community development and advice. She holds a NVQ level 3 in Advice and Guidance, ILM Level 3 in Leadership and Management and a postgraduate diploma in Health Promoting Practice. Amanda is passionate about bringing new and settled communities together and working with others to create work related opportunities.

Name: Rachel Goodall

Date Appointed as Volunteer Director: 21 June 2019

Other Occupation: Asylum Services Manager (Refugee Action in West Yorkshire)

Rachel has worked in the refugee charity sector for the last 9 years and supports R&M with service quality & development and organisational capacity building.

Name: Waiwai Balash

Date Appointed as Volunteer Director: 21 June 2019

Other Occupation: Returner Project Administrator (R&M)

In addition to supporting R&M as a volunteer director, Waiwai is currently the administrator for R&M’s returner project.  Before joining R&M as a volunteer director in 2019, he worked with a number of not-for-profit organisations as a project manager, project officer and a regional supervisor in South Sudan. Waiwai holds a bachelor’s degree in IT and an MSc in ICTs for Development from the University of Manchester. He joined R&M to support vulnerable new members of our communities to find jobs and live independently.

Name: Ged Allen

Date Appointed as Volunteer Director: 16 May 2020

Other Occupation: Sales Manager (Retired)

Ged worked for a FTSE100 UK based global engineering company for almost 40 years until April 2019, in roles related to managing the sales and operational delivery of machinery reliability, consultancy services to international process industries. A major part of his role was the search, recruitment and development of talent. Specifically, mechanical engineers, data analysts and software developers and management responsibility for teams based in the UK, Middle East and Asia.

Name: Claire Grimshaw

Occupation: Returner Project Employment Worker (R&M)

Claire was a volunteer mentor with Refugees & Mentors for 3 years before joining the Returner Project as an employment worker. She is passionate about helping refugees to restart their professional careers in the UK and helping employers to see the huge benefits that professional refugee employees can bring to their businesses. Claire has an undergraduate degree in Law and is currently studying towards a Masters degree in Counselling. Claire has a strong interest in social and political justice and human rights issues. In her spare time, she enjoys getting out into the countryside, fell walking and camping.

Name: Jessica Price

Date Appointed as Volunteer Director: 01 Feb 2021

Other Occupation: Management Accountant (Greenergy International)

Jessica studied at Manchester Metropolitan University for a degree in Business Finance (BA), and started working in the oil and gas industry after graduation. While working in industry, Jessica studied and became a qualified certified chartered accountant (ACCA). Jessica has been working in the Oil and Gas industry in various financial roles for 9 years and currently she is a management accountant for Greenergy’s International divisions and investments.