Sales Manager



  • 11 years’ experience in International Sales and Project Management in Construction, Electrical and Energy Industries in the Middle East
  • Expertise in sales strategy for complex projects and business service solution, tendering, front line sales, and contract delivery
  • Degree in Electrical Engineering, University of Damascus 
  • CSCS card

Banking Professional

Greater Manchester


  • 5 years’ banking experience in Uganda
  • BA Micro and Macro Economics Analysis, Mackere University, Uganda (Naric Statement of Comparability, equivalent to UK Bachelors degree)
  • Experience in Chief Teller and Branch Management roles with expertise in risk and compliance
  • Outstanding customer service, sales, communication, and leadership skills
  • Finacle 10 Champion

International Sales & Marketing Specialist and Client Account Manager



  •  Masters Degree in Business Administration from The University of Juba 2009 (Equivalent to a UK Masters degree as confirmed by UK Naric).
  • Experience of managing revenues of up to $60m per year.
  • Extensive experience in sales, logistics, account management and credit risk assessment.
  • Achieved 51% of the total market share for aviation fuel sales in home country between 2014 – 2018.
  • Certified Sales Manager.